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Thank you to all who came to visit us at the Toronto Bridal Show!

Well, what a show! You know, we really get excited thinking about your wedding and we’re always so happy to meet couples in the stages of planning their special day. So these past three days were quite a treat for us.

It was our first show and we thought we’d meet a few hundred people. When it was all said and done, we met well over a thousand!

We also listened to your request so we’re pleased to add a few optional products. So now in addition to the option of buying prints, we’re offering complete Proof books, complete picture books as well as Photo Albums and Print-on-Canvas options. These are offered from your private photo gallery. So if your planning on a big wedding, but don’t want to deal with two dozen relatives asking for prints, you can let us handle that for you.

Of course, still offered as always is a one year digital Client Gallery. Simply share the link we provide you (password protected or not, it’s your choice) with whomever you want. It’s a great option if you want to digitally share your wedding images but don’t want to become Facebook friends with everybody. ;)

Thanks again and we hope to talk to more of you soon!

Vincent & Irene

Engagements and Weddings, News

Toronto Bridal Show Special

This year, Prestige-Photos.com will be at the Toronto Bridal Show this April 10th, 11th or 12th. We’re pleased to offer this great package:

Show Special Wedding Package – $1800 (includes GST & all major credit cards accepted)

  • 2 hours Extra to use either towards your Engagement Session or Wedding on top of what you see below
  • 1 hour Engagement Session – One hour extra!
  • 8 hour Wedding Session – Two hours extra!
  • 2 photographers for Wedding Day
  • Back-up equipment always on hand
  • Back-up photographers for peace of mind
  • All images edited in Lightroom
  • Images provided on USB in four convenient formats:
    • Full size originals
    • Reduced size for easier transfer
    • High Resolution Web size
    • Smaller Facebook or E-mail convenient size
  • Hosting of your images for one full year on our site
  • Documentary style wedding photography with guided poses in a comfortable setting

 Additional hours possible at a rate of $100 per hour

Retaining fee to save your date on day is only $500. The balance is then only due when your wedding pictures are ready to be sent to you.

Engagements and Weddings

Trafalgar Castle – a very nice alternative to Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a wonderful place to visit and to have your wedding. We love it! In fact, it’s where we got married. However, on the east end of Toronto in picturesque Whitby is Trafalgar Castle. It shares a similar story as Casa Loma and I think, is just as beautiful a location. Our wonderful couple held their ceremony there. It was a rainy day but the castle lacked no quantity for wonderful interior shots as you can see…

20140816_101123__7DS3169 20140816_100636__7DS3162 20140816_100133__7DS3158 20140816_095939__7DS3156 20140816_095752__7DS3150 20140816_095606__7DS3148 20140816_095227__7DS3147 20140816_094639_8DS_2410 20140816_094346_8DS_2406 20140816_093759_8DS_2397 20140816_093612_8DS_2396 20140621_175924_8DS_124020140816_104025__7DS321520140816_103002__7DS320420140816_102111__7DS318720140816_102723_8DS_247120140816_102516_8DS_246320140816_102441_8DS_246120140816_170314__7DS369020140816_140228_8DS_279920140816_154448_8DS_308120140816_154637_8DS_308620140816_145510_8DS_296820140816_150147_8DS_298120140816_141355_8DS_288620140816_150147_8DS_298120140816_150928_8DS_299920140816_154029_8DS_306920140816_153035_8DS_305920140816_151510_8DS_301520140816_152458_8DS_303420140816_151433_8DS_301220140816_151141_8DS_300620140816_150918_8DS_299620140816_160421_8DS_312220140816_160600__7DS363220140816_160336_8DS_312120140816_155942__7DS362420140816_155845__7DS362120140816_160628_8DS_3133


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Wedding at Westriver Banquet Hall

These two lovely people made such a cute couple. We’ve been very lucky to deal with couples who are always super friendly and nice, but I think they were the nicest. Though I’ll admit, the generosity and abundance of wonderful Italian wedding treats may have made me biased. They had their ceremony at Westriver Banquet Hall. Not only is this the location my sister and her husband had chosen some years ago for their wedding, but it also offers some nice grounds for doing the formal shots on sight. Planning a venue that offers that will help save you precious time and help reduce the stress of day.

20140621_110617_8DS_0167 20140621_111448_8DS_0177 20140621_162803_8DS_0965 20140621_162810_8DS_0968 20140621_163002_8DS_0996 20140621_164011_8DS_1056 20140621_164806_8DS_1077 20140621_164842_8DS_1084 20140621_165428_8DS_1100 20140621_165631_8DS_1104-Edit 20140621_165831_8DS_1111 20140621_170826_8DS_1119 20140621_172728_8DS_1142 20140621_172754__7DS2357 20140621_175924_8DS_1240

Engagements and Weddings

Cambridge Mill

Shooting weddings at historically significant places is always fun. Being a part of a couple’s special day is always a privilege. We like to think that we do our best to honour that respect and trust which we as the photographers have been given. When that couple also happens to be two dear friends, well, it just makes it that much more special.

20131018_105852__8DS6994 20131018_111707__8DS7009 20131018_115043__7DS0030 20131018_115336__8DS7046 20131018_115619__7DS0039 20131018_125147__8DS7122 20131018_130346__8DS7139 20131018_134517__8DS7209-Edit-Edit 20131018_140415__7DS0164-Edit 20131018_142508__8DS7323 20131018_142811__7DS0217 20131018_144613__8DS7347 20131018_144633__7DS0243-Edit-2-Edit 20131018_145637__8DS7371 20131018_150957__8DS7416 20131018_151633__8DS7418 20131018_151753__8DS7424 20131018_151842__7DS0287 20131018_152419__7DS0305 20131018_153234__8DS7453 20131018_153406__8DS7457 20131018_153610__8DS7469 20131018_164503__8DS7610 20131018_170714__8DS7700 20131018_170746__8DS7705 20131018_180542__8DS7760 20131018_185212__8DS7814 20131018_190534__8DS7819 20131018_190612__8DS7820 20131018_195053__7DS0763 20131018_205620__8DS7953 20131018_205758__8DS7962 20131018_210600__7DS0886 20131018_210749__7DS0888 20131018_211111__7DS0896 20131018_213208__8DS8020 20131018_220348__8DS8054 20131018_220444__7DS0970 20131018_224025__7DS0973

Engagements and Weddings

Elegance and style

We had such fun shooting Lena and Kong’s engagement, what with their awesome idea of renting grounds and taking the engagement theme to new heights. So we were really looking forward to their wedding and they did not disappoint. Their wedding day was just the way they are: fun, friendly, stylish and glamour all rolled into one great package.

20130920_122329__3SC9145 20130920_142904__8DS4458 20130920_143058__8DS4490 20130920_143418__8DS4515 20130920_145338__8DS4574 20130920_145929__8DS4582 20130920_150353__8DS4597 20130920_150831__8DS4612 20130920_151906__8DS4623 20130920_153252__8DS4637 20130920_153539__8DS4639 20130920_154020__8DS4653 20130920_162538__3SC9252 20130920_163557__8DS4695 20130920_163625__8DS4697 20130920_163953__8DS4703 20130920_164138__8DS4712 20130920_165154__8DS4744 20130920_170335__8DS4773 20130920_170841__8DS4781 20130920_170932__8DS4785 20130920_171650__8DS4814 20130920_173637__8DS4891 20130920_174046__3SC9424 20130920_175231__8DS4979 20130920_180038__8DS5039 20130920_180927__8DS5078 20130920_182706__8DS5159 20130920_191141__3SC9568 20130920_205641__3SC9680 20130920_211143__3SC9703 20130920_211518__3SC9717 20130920_211611__8DS5323