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Thank you to all who came to visit us at the Toronto Bridal Show!

Well, what a show! You know, we really get excited thinking about your wedding and we’re always so happy to meet couples in the stages of planning their special day. So these past three days were quite a treat for us.

It was our first show and we thought we’d meet a few hundred people. When it was all said and done, we met well over a thousand!

We also listened to your request so we’re pleased to add a few optional products. So now in addition to the option of buying prints, we’re offering complete Proof books, complete picture books as well as Photo Albums and Print-on-Canvas options. These are offered from your private photo gallery. So if your planning on a big wedding, but don’t want to deal with two dozen relatives asking for prints, you can let us handle that for you.

Of course, still offered as always is a one year digital Client Gallery. Simply share the link we provide you (password protected or not, it’s your choice) with whomever you want. It’s a great option if you want to digitally share your wedding images but don’t want to become Facebook friends with everybody. ;)

Thanks again and we hope to talk to more of you soon!

Vincent & Irene


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