Engagements and Weddings

Beautiful couple in beautiful Whitby

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet this lovely couple and capture their engagement. Their wedding is coming right up so now’s the time for me to catch up and post their engagement images. A lot of our clients live in downtown Toronto, but they actually live east of our home location of Ajax. We shot all these images in Whitby, all locations only a couple of minutes drive apart. You have to agree, you just can’t get this sort of great diversity in most places.

20140628_074235_8DS_1773 20140628_074445_8DS_1785 20140628_074459_8DS_1792 20140628_075805_8DS_1887 20140628_080831_8DS_1942 20140628_081225_8DS_1957 20140628_082840_8DS_2000 20140628_085200_8DS_2104 20140628_092905_8DS_2299 20140628_093017_8DS_2302 20140628_093338_8DS_2304 20140628_100402_8DS_2326 20140628_100502__7DS3132


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